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Based on a Silverstone FT03-Mini DAWN has got a completely rebuilt inside with focus on improved cooling and aesthetics. 

Project info


The chassis exterior has been modified with an arched window, surface-mounted radiators and acrylic glass top and bottom. The idea was to build a computer with maximum performance in a tiny volume, and the result I wanted was a unified product without any kind of compromise.


Case: Silverstone FT03-Mini

Motherboard: Gigabyte Z170N Gaming 5
CPU Intel i7 6700k

RAM: 2x8GB (16GB) Crucial Ballistix Elite

DDR4 2666MHz

PSU: Corsair SF600 SFX

SSD: 2x Crucial BX200 960GB

GPU: Gigabyte GTX980Ti Xtreme Gaming Waterforce

Cooling: be quiet!