Project TORQUE – Update 7


Stainless steel barbed hoses and AN-fittings assembled and ready.


To match all hardware I have to put time and enthusiasm in planning a loop and then manufacture hoses to it. As these steel braided hoses are extremely rigid, their length is very important. Just as hard tubes, these have to be perfect to fit and not put unnesessary tention on the hardware.
Where each hose are placed will be shown in the final pictures, but I think they are doing quite well in their loneliness too. The assembly process is quite time consuming and hard as I don’t got all the right tools for it. The key is to be gentle and carefull not to scratch or damage these beautiful fittings. I used a special plastic mount to keep the fittings steady while tightening them around the tubes. A little bit of oil is important for threads and the part of the fitting that will be pushed inside the tube.
A couple of hours later (had to re-do two hoses as they were too long)
They turned out pretty good right?


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Tim Pettersson
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