Project TORQUE – Update 5


Reservoir – Catch tank
I’ve searched for the right reservoir for a very long time. I knew from start that I wanted a quite large one in this case. I also thought I’d go for something not transparent because that’s not what I would use on my car engine. There are aluminum fuel catch tanks and oil catch tanks that’s got a couple of in- and outlets. Most fuel catch tanks uses AN-connections from start welded to them. But they also intend to be minimum 1 liter in volume. Therefore I had to narrow my search and go only for oil catch tanks. They’re quite special with two connections at the top (in/out) and drainage a plug at the bottom. This because they are meant to catch oil from the crankcase ventilation system.
Finally I found one perfect for my intentions. At first I flipped it over and got myself one inlet at the top (bottom drainage plug) and dual outlets. It also got level indication which I need because it’s not transparent. Unfortunately all connections were weird and had to be changed. I enlarged my new inlet and tapped it to G1/4 thread to use EK extensions. For the outlets I ordered 5/8-18 to AN6 fittings and just changed the connections, perfect! I will connect the inlet straight to my radiator and then use one outlet to feed the pump and the other one for drainage.
If this isn’t racing, what is?



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