Project TORQUE – Update 4


I don’t like the original basic mount that comes with the EK D5 pump. So for my EK XTOP Revo D5 Plexi, I’ll try something else.


I measured the pump and noticed that it’s 60 mm in diameter, about the same size as many external fuelpumps for cars. So I ordered a single mount in the same blue anodized color as my fittings. And you know what, my pump fits just perfect!
I finished it with sleeve for power and PWM. This beauty will be mounted at the bottom of my case, which could be a bit tricky. The case got standing 2 mm thick aluminum ribs as ”floor”. I don’t want to just put some mounting plate in there so I’m thinking of designing my own mount and 3D-print it. Then it could be a perfect fit and almost invisible.


As EK Water Blocks provides water cooling parts for Torque I choose their Coolstream PE 45 mm thick 360 mm radiator. Together with three Corsair HD120 RGB fans this will be more than enough.



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