Project TORQUE – Update 3


What’s probably most unique with this project is my choice of fittings and tubing.
I could have used some types of fittings in the right colors to simulate the theme. It would probably have been a lot easier, cheaper and not so stupid. But! This will be a lot more fun, and it’s the real deal!
I’ve chosen AN6 hose-ends and AN6 stainless steel barbed hose, measuring approx. 9/14 mm. To be able to use these fittings with computer water cooling parts I’m going to use converters from AN6 to G1/4 and proper seals. Those converters were actually mounted to the monoblock shown before.
These AN fittings comes as straights and different angles from 30° to 180°. I’ll use a mix when trying to get my loop together as proper as possible.
The tube/hose is a rubber one with a stainless steel cover which gives it extreme stiffness. Probably not meant to use in a computer.
To get a perfect match between case, fittings, tube and cables, I’ll make my cables from Corsair pre-sleeved metallic graphite cables. These has to be modified to perfect length and rerouted regarding the In Win PSU cable layout to work properly.
Huge red and blue anodized fittings will be something extra!

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Tim Pettersson
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