Project TORQUE – Update 1


I’ve got GIGABYTE asking me to build one of their ten showcase projects to be used at events during 2017.
I’ll give them TORQUE.
As I share my computer modding interest with street car building, I’ve always been tempted to bring some inspiration from the garage to a custom computer project. Now is the time to make it happen. This means I’ll be working with materials, components and color to create a mod with aesthetic like a high-performance engine. My idea is to make it genuine by using actual engine parts, similar to the ones I use on my own cars.
There is no other case than the limited edition In Win H-Frame 2.0 I could want more for this project. The all aluminum open frame chassis is perfect regarding design and layout for my plans. I will use quite large fittings and tubing that acquires a bit of radius for bends. Reservoir is also kind of bulky and as I want space for all parts to be shown, there is definitely no disadvantage that the case got plenty of room inside. I will need to think twice before doing some cutting in this frickin’ expensive case though.
More to come, stay tuned!



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