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Lets get going with some hardware.
Following is a short presentation of key parts in this project. I will update with separare posts for each component to make it easy to follow and find.
At first, Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 6

Both front and top covers are notĀ just detachable, with a light touch they pop out just a bit and you get enhanced airflow. Pretty clever and easy to use those hot summer days or during intense gaming.

The front cover is also able to be tilted forward at the top if you need to access any installed 5,25″ units like a Blu-ray or DVD player. Not many use these slots novadays but with VR front panels and HDMI connections getting popular, this tilt is a good feature when having an all covered front.
If you’re more interested in this case, please follow as I will show much more of it when it’s time to put some parts in. Meanwhile you could always visitĀ for more info!


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